2 thoughts on “Skywalker X8 Assembly Manual

  1. Stephen Brown

    My X8 did not arrive with glue. Any suggestions as to what to buy here in the US that will do the job? FYI: I bought mine out of Hong Kong so maybe the glue was not legal for air shipment. Any help is appreciated.

    Your manual is a much better and much needed translation of factory manual. Good job and many thanks!

    What is the model number of the GoPro you use?

    What is your favorite source for cameras, FPV components, etc?

  2. Cyrus Phillips

    Wow, just stumbled across your manual for building the Skywalker X8. You deserve a HUGE thank you for creating this! Mind you I have built several RC airplanes at this point and I probably would not have required a manual to complete mine, but, what you have done here will save me hours of time figuring out how to do things! Thank you sir!
    I will place a link to your manual on my X8 build thread.


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