Welcome To raygrauberger.com

The information you will find here is a collection of resources and tools that I have built for myself. I love my WORK and I love to PLAY, many of the things you will find here are just for fun. I hope you find these tools and resources as useful as I do. Many coding projects are in ActionScript, ColdFusion, C#, C, and Assembly. There is some information about my current VW restorations under the VOLKSWAGON link. My remote control Hobby keeps me young at heart. I've been flying helicopters since the mid 80's moved to fixed wing aircraft, we also run big boats up to 85", and 1/5 scale FG cars and trucks.

Microcontroller Info:


You will find code examples, tips and tricks for the following processors or platforms.

  • Atmel AVR 8-bit
  • Atmel AVR 32-bit
  • Atmel ARM
  • ATmega
    • SAM7
    • SAM9M
  • Atmel QTouch
  • Arduino
  • NetDruino
  • Analog Devices
    • SHARK


I code in just about any language. I am skilled on many hardware development platforms. I have over 20 years of UNIX experience, and currently support any Microsoft platform. I use ActionScript, ColdFusion, and develop web services on a daily basis. I code in Python, Perl, Java, C, C#, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Application basic, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and some assembly. If you dont see it here I've probably forgotten it.


I am skilled in all aspects of network infrastructure hardware, datacenter design and support systems. Various Firewalls including Eagle Raptor, Cisco ASA, and Watchguard. EMC SANS, San Symphony, San Melody array systems. Various IP based phone systems including Cisco, ESI, and Panasonic.

About Me

My name is Ray Grauberger, and I am a design engineer, in North America. I'm currently the IT Director for a Multi-Million dollar Energy company. My current task is developing an ERP application from the ground up. I have 25 years experience in Design Analsys, Infrastructure Design, Software Application Design, and Microcontroller Programming & Design. If you are interested in advanced software or hardware custom design services, don't hesitate to contact me for more information!

Open Source

This is an open source website, which means that you are free to use anything you learn from my site without any obligations. If you decide to use this anything, I kindly ask you to leave me a message as to how you are using my code by email. If you want more information, check out the sites in the "Resources" menu to the right!

Hope you find what you were looking for, if not I hope you found something new and interesting. I have a strong thirst for knowledge and if you've found yourself here, you probably do too!

Note: All information on this site is propritary information, and is protected by the intellectual propery laws as governed by Federal and Local laws. I ask that you use this information in personal projects and not in commercial software projects without prior written permission from myself. Thank you "Ray Grauberger"